Gilbert Ohana

Co-founder and Managing Partner @ FinTLV Ventures

Gilbert is a co-founder and Managing Partner of FinTLV Ventures. Prior to establishing FinTLV Ventures, Gilbert has served 26 years in the Intelligence Corps and was the Chief Technology Officer for 10 years, leading the unit Technology Strategy, Cyber Security and Data Analytics programs and led numerous Joint-Ventures with technology vendors in Israel and abroad.

Today Gilbert is the co-Managing Partner of FinTLV Ventures, a leading venture capital fund in Israel, focused on Insurtech, Fintech and Cybersecurity, whose objective is to provide industry experience and financial investment to new companies that develop innovative and new era financial and insurance technologies. FinTLV is a pro-active VC that also creates innovative initiatives – products, joint-ventures and more – enabling its global, valuable network of dozens of insurance companies to successfully carry out their innovation strategy and meet their challenges.